Remodeling Of Home To Eco-Friendly Home

Renovation of old home is great opportunity to improve homes look. In present day’s renovation, eco-friendly or “green” products and materials are being considered by many. This type of renovation helps to keep environment healthy. Apart from all these benefits, an eco friendly home can give lots benefits to home owner. Inexpensive heating and cooling bills, low water bills, and affordable gas or electricity bills are some common benefits of an eco-friendly home. With the help of following modifications one can convert a common home to eco-friendly home:


  • Huge volume of water is wasted each year in the bathrooms. Using a dual flush model can solve this problem. This flush system has two different flush settings which can be set as per the individual need. This system can reduce lots of water consumption in a home over a single year.
  • While painting of home, always choose paints which don’t have non-VOC or non-volatile organic chemicals. Typical paint has high levels of VOCs, which are neither eco-friendly nor particularly healthy.
  • For a eco-friendly flooring cork flooring is a great option to consider. It is durable, comfortable, and also boasts the use of no toxic adhesives. In present market you can choose from wide range of colors and designs for cork floor tile.
  • Eco friendly carpets are quite useful which are created from recyclable materials. Installation and cleaning is a easy kind of job for this type of carpets

These are very important home improvements which can save money and also create an eco-friendly home atmosphere. This type of home is good for both environment as well as for home owner’s family.