Know About RFID

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the term which is used for transmitting the identity of any person or object in a system by the use of radio waves. RFID is typically referred to as the RFID tag. These RFID tags are connected to the required object for identification.

Usually the RFID system consists of three parts. They are: Antenna, RF tag, a transceiver. The antenna emits the radio signals which are used for reading and writing the data for the tag. The antenna emits the radio waves which are used for detecting the RFID tag. If the tag passes through the RFID zone then the antenna will detect the tag and information or the data is sent to the computer for processing.

The data provided by the tag is used in many industries for various purposes.

  • Asset tracking: Companies are mostly using RFID technology for Asset tracking. The RFID tags are being kept on the assets, which make the asset to reach the required place without any theft. The Assets can be easily tracked by using the antennas or the readers.
  • Manufacturing: RFID is used in manufacturing industries for tracking the products which in turn is used for managing the production and also increasing the output.
  • Security and Access control: RFID is used for tracking the products and even the quantities and even the controls the accessing of the required products. t provides a great security by using biometric machines.

These are some of the uses of the RFID.