Hallucinogens abuse and Implications

Hallucinogens are the type of drugs which causes changes in the idea or the way you think and even in thought and mood of the people. These groups of drugs are heterogeneous because each of them vary in chemical structures and even in its side affects. Some hallucinogens are LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, DMT. Some of them are produced from the natural source called peyote cactus(especially mescaline) and some of them are being manufactured. In spite of causing false sensations or hallucinations they even cause changes in the ideas and even moods.

By the use of hallucinogens they even experience confusion, anxiety, helplessness, and even loss of control on so many things.

The major short term effects are:

  • It affects all the senses. It especially affects hearing and vision.
  • They may feel the things which are not there.
  • They may feel like the imagination or hallucination of insects crawling on their body and other crazy things going around.
  • After using them many people find changing ideas and imaginations which may frighten them and even disturb them.
  • Even it is dangerous to consume the hallucinogens if they are using any other drugs like alcohol. The combination of both leaves them with mental disorders.
  • Till now there are no reported deaths regarding consumption of LSD but they may make the person behave in a risky and tricky manner.
  • The major Long Term effects include
  • It the drug is being used for a long time then it may lead to the loss of memory and the ability of concentration also decreases.
  • Even the flash backs may occur after the usage for months and even years, sometimes even in minutes.

In 2007, more than 22.7 million persons age 12 or above had used LSD in their lifetime according to national survey on drug use and health. And even approximately 1.1 million persons are using this hallucinogens for the first time during the past twelve months in the year 2007 aged 12 or above.