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Archive for June, 2010

  • 06.29.10Perfume Gift Sets for Women

    Women can be presented with a wide variety of gifts. They can be presented with the accessories, photo collections, Jewellery, costumes, decorative items, and even in some cases they can be presented with perfumes. Perfume also plays an important role in women’s life. They can be used for high lighting their style and even individuality […]

  • 06.24.10Know About Fixed Automation

    Fixed Automation is a type of automation which uses fixed and repetitive operations for producing the products of the similar types. Fixed Automation is also called as hard automation. It is initially featured by using high initial investment and by high production rates. Therefore it is used for products which are produced in large volumes. […]

  • 06.19.10Steps Involved In Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle tracking system monitors and controls the operators and even the assets for effective performance. Vehicle tracking system uses both the hardware and software for tracking the vehicles. In order to use them, the following steps are involved: Capturing of data: It is the first and the foremost step in tracking the vehicle. Data is […]

  • 06.16.10Detailed Wedding Plan Checklist

    Many people feel that wedding is a complicated affair to manage and to organize. Often majority of the planning for wedding will be done by the bride and groom and their family. It may be difficult when family plans wedding themselves. So they can use wedding coordinator or wedding planner to organize the wedding. Use […]

  • 06.14.10Know About RFID

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the term which is used for transmitting the identity of any person or object in a system by the use of radio waves. RFID is typically referred to as the RFID tag. These RFID tags are connected to the required object for identification. Usually the RFID system consists of three […]