Tips To Loose Weight After 50

Weight reduction not only helps keep us to stay healthy but also helps to secure success in life. A person can loose weight if he/she follows following tips:

Eat daily meal in 5 small potions
If a person needs 1,800 calories per day then he should take his 3 main meals of not more than 500 calories each, and 2 snacks not more than 150 calories.

Wise selection of food
What we eat is very important in weight reduction. Like consumption of lite yogurt instead of a low fat yogurt can help eat fewer 110 calories.

Protein meal
It will be better to eat protein meal because it helps to build muscles of the body.

Foods variety
Consumption of different variety of foods in a meal is best way to loose weight. It is because it helps to keep eating plan from getting too boring.

Aware of Fat consumption
Eat fewer amounts of fats in the daily meal. Fat contains nine calories per gram where as other items contain only 4 calories per gram. Unsaturated fat is advisable to eat over the saturated fat.

Weight check
Always check the body weight once in a week.  It will help to keep aware of changes in body weight, and also help to get back on track if things aren’t going well.

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