Negotiation Tips: A Key For Social Interaction And Business Dealing

This is an important kind of technique in social interaction or business dealing. It helps to understand the person and his talent and weaknesses. This is that kind of skill which is not taught at school. It can be learn through experience and by watching good negotiators. Among them few are good mentors and some are just natural negotiators. Following are some tips to make better negotiation:

Offer a non-refuseable deal
This is often useful in debt negotiation. Before the negotiation, think about the deal; collect all information of the opposition party. This will help to get an idea about opposition dealer. At the time of deal make them an offer they can’t refuse. Afterwards, hear their deal completely and then exploit the loopholes of their arguments. In this way a person can make best deal.

Hide your desperation
This tip is very useful for real estate deal. According to this tip, never ever show desperation towards the deal. It will end bargaining option. Always show that the deal in front of you is just one of the many options you have.

Use the position advantage
In this kind of deal you may have advantage of resources, knowledge, power and position. This will make opposing party desperate for deal. If it is done so then use the advantage for yours side.

Gauge Weaknesses and Exploit
Negotiation is a mind game between two or more parties. Both parties try to hide the weak and bluff point from their side. So the moment you find the error you have the advantage over the deal. So, it is advisable to gauge the weakness of deal and dealer.