Home Improvement Ceiling Ideas

Ceilings will experience a lot of wear and tear. In multi-level homes or businesses, the weight of the upper floors is completely concentrated on ceiling structure. Ceilings of single level structures are also subjugated to stress due to plumbing, roofs, electrical wire, debris and snow formation and also the weight of the ceiling materials. If ceiling is demonstrating its age and wear, then there are three ceiling remodel design ideas.

  • Plaster or stucco ceilings: These are lovely classical ceilings and are exceptionally durable. Most of them also have fancy plaster joints or fruit patterns framed into the plaster. Repair may not be easy, but plaster ceiling, particularly the decorated ones will be a joy to retain.
  • Drop ceilings: These are the connected ceilings making use of metal frames with embedded ceiling tiles. When setting up a drop ceiling measurement should be taken very carefully. The rectangles used will be very heavy and bend the metal frame which holds them in position. These tiles will be available in white, and later can be painted. Never select the pitted style, as they are difficult to cut to size and cannot be broken easily.
  • If a rectangle drop ceiling is already present, select the plastic ceiling tiles which are of light weight. These tiles will particularly look elegant painted in this manner. Their appearance will be like embossed sheet metal or wood from the floor. As they are made of plastic they will not bend or distort the metal framing. If the metal framing present on drop ceiling is bending, the screws that hold the wire should be tightened from which the frame hangs.
  • Some ceilings just need a good coat of paint to give ceiling a renovation.