How To Build Efficient Claim Processing

Any insurance company gets popular only after the quicker payment service to the insured. It is known fact that happier the insured happier the insurance company. But still insured generally feels that claim process is lengthy because of following reasons:

  • Due to delays in getting the status on a claim
  • Due to a breakdown in communications and process control

This claiming process could be efficient and effective if insurance company follows following strategies:

  • Easier report claims – Insurance claim process starts with the communication process. So, insurance companies have to make this process easier through email, an online form or the phone. This process will make claim process easier for insured as well as the insurance professionals working the claim.
  • Automate claim process – Automation of entire claim process i.e. from starting to last phase will resolve all delay problems. It will give immediate access to the claim file and quick respond to the insured with no additional follow-up. All data like photos, police reports, witness accounts and recorded phone statements of claim process will be available in a single electronic claim file. Further, this process is totally streamlined, so it will make fully aware of the claim status at every stage and saves money.

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