Tips To Use Headhunting In Recruitment

Headhunting is the recruitment process and it is the recent trend in the recruitment. It is professional approach to recruit, search, track, and selecting talented people already working in various companies. Headhunting is also called as executive search. In the initial stage headhunting was used by large organizations from developed countries. But now it is using by smaller organizations also. Headhunters are third party agents and most of the companies use headhunters to find people for contract, full time/permanent jobs.

The tips to use headhunting in recruitment are:

  • Headhunting requires the practice. The practice involves the understanding the purpose of headhunting.
  • It is better to avoid Phishing. Phishing is an email fraud. Sending Spam or pop-up messages can be called as Phishing. Sending pop-up messages to headhunted candidates is a fraud.
  • Research on the company from which you wish to headhunt is very important in the headhunting.
  • Headhunted candidates are more difficult to recruit. Encourage them to become open-minded to a career change based on their achievements and accomplishments.
  • The tips for selecting the headhunter are quality work, good communication policies, reference and recommendations from other companies, and ability to a proper candidate search.

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