Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

There are many disease are realized in people in US especially heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the lives of nearly one million Americans every year.  Many people are unaware this, to a large extent, the disease is both modifiable and preventable. There is free cardiovascular risk assessment which we can do it every week, it only take about 7 minutes to complete. At the end, we will receive personalized, strictly confidential information that will help us in preventing heart diseases:

  • Assess your cardiovascular health status and identify those medical or lifestyle conditions that may lead to development of the disease.
  • Take action to reduce your level of risk, including making you aware of the many services available through Parrish Medical Center
  • Receive, at your option, free continuing education via e-mail about your specific cardiovascular health and risk factors.

Knowing our risk profile will enable us to take control of our health and provide us with the best defense against cardiovascular disease. As you all know – Prevention is Better than Cure

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