Living for Today!

Everyday of our life is precious and we get something from each day. Only few days in the life are memorable and we can plan for a memorable day in our life. I am planning to make tomorrow as one of my memorable days in my life. It is possible if we follow some steps like below.

First of all, it is compulsory to have full night sleep and it gives sufficient energy to enjoy the activities. If tomorrow you have any work just cancel or postpone it for the next day or week. On the particular day, plan to do work or activity, which you like or favor and it can be something that you have not done for a while.

Spend the day with your beloved one, have lunch and watch movie you enjoy the most. Try some new food for lunch. Try cooking it or else get it from the best place for it. Have it at your place. Plan to go out for dinner. Before that, spend your evening at your favorite hangout. Reach your place early and have sleep early. Before going to sleep, read some good literature about some good things.

You can see the difference the next day.

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