Great September Gale Of 1815

The Great September Gale of 1815 the word Hurricane was not yet common in American English at the time, is one of five major hurricanes strike in New England since 1635. When he struck the Great September Gale was the first hurricane to hit New England in 180 years. The storm struck Long Island on September 23, 1815, probably coming ashore near Center Moriches (Ludlum), on the south shore of Long Island, he broke through the barrier beach and created the entry that isolates yet Long Beach, which had been previously, is an extension of the Rockaways. Then, in New England, he came ashore to Saybrook, Connecticut.

The storm delivered a 11-foot (3.4 m) storm surge that funneled up Narragansett Bay, where he destroyed about 500 houses and 35 ships and flooded Providence, Rhode Island, where a line marked on Old construction market saw the storm surge that was unexampled in the city until the New England Hurricane of 1938, which has a 17.6 ft (5.4 m) waves storm. At Matunuck, Rhode Island, sediment studies have identified the over wash fan sediments in the marshes Succotash, where the 1815 hurricane storm surges overtopped the barrier beach. In Dorchester, Massachusetts, just south of Boston, local historian William Dana Orcutt wrote in the late 19th century Hurricane’s impact: In 1815, he was a great gale that destroyed the arch of the bridge over the Neponset River. This arch has been erected on deck to the line of cities in 1798. Dorchester’s First Parish Meeting House was too damaged to repair.

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