Applications Of Barcode Scanners In Different Fields

Barcode scanners are used in wide variety of fields, as it increases productivity and efficiency of a business. Few of them are:

  • Distribution: Using barcode scanner, data collection terminals, barcode printers, and software solutions helps in planning, scheduling, and resource management during the supply chain. Improvement in inventory management, shipment efficiency, labeling compliance, and integration can be noticed between distribution operations and enterprise systems.
  • Education: Barcode scanners and labeling solutions are used in educational institutions in student registration office, cafeteria, health centre, or bookstore to improve their operations.
  • Government: Barcode technology helps governments to update and improve efficiency in their regular functioning of public safety, personnel administration, voter ID, benefits, military logistics, health care medical records, revenue collection, and other public-sector applications.
  • Health Care: Health care staff uses barcode technologies for correctly identifying and checking patients and their medication before giving the drug. Barcode scanners and label printers are used for manual or automated dispensing operations, bedside delivery and documentation, blood bag and lab sample tracking, employee ID, file management, etc.
  • Hospitality: Wireless barcode scanners and printers assists hospitality staff to effectively take meal orders, settling bills, and doing check-in or check out from anywhere in the facility.
  • Library: Libraries use barcode scanners and labeling solutions in order increase the counter, shelf and inventory operations.
  • Manufacturing: Using barcode control to operations can decrease waste and scrap, lower lookup and reduce recording time and increase productivity in maintenance, production and administration. They are also used for effective management of raw materials, components, finished goods, conversation through plant facilities and back office.
  • Postal/Parcel Delivery: As barcodes provide timely and correct information, postal staff can offer quick and efficient services in parcel and post delivery.

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