Physical And Behavioral Symptoms Of Prescription Drug Addiction

Most of the signs and symptoms of prescription substance abuse are same as symptoms of mental health problems like depression or anxiety disorders. When they are used in high doses, or without the supervision of a physician, prescription drugs, cold and cough medicine can be very dangerous as illegal drugs.

Few physical symptoms of prescription drug addiction are accidents or injuries, avoiding eye contact, contracting teeth, depression, more thirst, repeated sickness, headaches, nosebleeds, improper hygiene, worried, red cheeks or face, runny nose which is not caused due to allergies or cold, illnesses, skin scratches, swellings, marks around mouth, sudden appetite, sweatiness, and vomiting.

Behavioral symptoms of prescription drug addiction are variation in relations with family members or friends, being secretive, reduced motivation, missing for long periods of time, exhibiting anger, hyperactivity, lack of focus, laughing for no reason, laziness, disgusting behavior, there will be emotional imbalance, high energy followed by sleep, silent, reserved, mumbling speech or rapid-fire speech, unusual imbalance coordination, extremely happy or tired, and depressed.

Other symptoms of prescription drug addiction are income problems, dissatisfaction from teachers or co-workers, inability to fulfill responsibilities, moving out every night, Lack of interest in school or work.

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