Importance of Indoor Air Quality Sensors

ID Fan manufacturersWith the increasing usage of Air conditioners in sealed environments to reduce the energy costs, there is a growing demand for the indoor air quality sensors. Air conditioners provide ventilation and remove harmful particles and gasses from indoors. But some air conditioners does not provide enough ventilation and they themselves act as sources for poor indoor air quality. It mostly happens when the air conditioners are not properly maintained or ventilation is inadequate.

There are many contaminants of indoor air quality such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, VOCs, dust and other particles. These contaminants may evolve or enter the indoors-through many common sources like humans, combustible materials, synthetics such as paints, cosmetics and pets.

Some of the harmful gasses like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are colorless and odorless. So it is very difficult to identify their elevated levelsCentrifugal blower without using any standard measuring instruments. Sensors should be inexpensive and reliable for wide usage to achieve better comfort.

Some of these sensors perform multiple functions, such as sensing temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide carbon monoxide concentrations at a
single shot. There are different kinds of sensors, measuring indoor air quality parameters such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity.

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