Fear Of Rejection and How to Overcome it

Fear of rejection was the thing that held every one back from making friends and achieving what we want to do. Fear of rejection was the most unbearable fear and it was the most challenging to overcome. Imagine that you think you might have something in common with people but you are just frozen in trying to speak to almost anybody that you don’t know. The best thing that you do to overcome fear of refusal was to work on a stand in a display where you had to actually approach people about a product that we were promoting. The pleasant thing about that scenario is that the people were expecting you to approach them approached. If you are on a stand they are expecting you as an exhibitor at an exhibition to actually approach them and talk to them about your products. I’m not even sure why it was such an issue. I follow some tips to overcome these fear of rejection.

I had the fear of argument – the fear of getting into a situation that I couldn’t handle and the primary goal that I had of going to do karate was a try to overcome my fear of confrontation. Doing martial arts did improve my self-confidence in confrontation but it didn’t really solve my fear of rejection. And also overcome my fear of talking to people like so I went to the pub quite regularly and try to taking with unknown persons. I figured it was better to overcome any fear I could as a process to overcoming the biggest one. So I confronted my little fear of heights by learning to fly. I challenged myself to do seminar. In fact I found it easier to talk in front of a bunch of people I had never met than meeting a single unfamiliar person for the first time.

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