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Archive for January, 2010

  • 01.27.10Basic Tips for Insurance Policy Coverage

    The basic elements of insurance policy coverage are the application, declaration sheet and endorsement. The application: Application is one of the major parts in the insurance policy. The insured must fill all the information in the application, with out holding any information. The declaration sheet: The declaration sheet includes the terms of coverage, time period […]

  • 01.23.10Vitamins to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

    As we grow, our teeth and gums change. Proper care of your teeth as well as eating a good diet can keep your smile beautiful and strong. Certain vitamins and minerals also help promote optimal oral health. Maintain your teeth and gums healthy by proper brushing and flossing daily but it may not be the […]

  • 01.22.10Know About Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance is also known as vehicle or car or motor insurance. Auto insurance is very important as it saves owner from high costs involved in repairing vehicle (own), other property, or other driver’s vehicle. As auto insurance has many noticeable benefits, many countries made it mandatory by the law. The insured person needs to […]