Tips for a Sound Sleep In Cold Night

Sleeping in cold night without a heater is a miserable experience especially in winter. There are some tips, which help you in getting sound sleep in cold night. First arrange a bunch of blankets into a bundle, avoid using one thick blanket instead of bunch. At mid-night you can feel little hot and if you want to remove one layer of blanket then it can’t be possible with one thick blanket.

Before going for bed just take a hot shower, it relaxes your body and raises your body temperature. Don’t forget to dry off your hair and body after shower. Use dryer to make your clothes little warm and try to put some hand warmer under your covers.

Eat or drink something warm before going to bed like soup or warm milk etc. Use Scandinavian style box bed, which helps to hold heat in you. Use sheep pelts or wool matters and sleep as a teddy bear i.e., curled up in a ball. Avoid sleeping in downstairs because upstairs has more warm air than downstairs.

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