Hair Care Tips

There are number of persons who are facing the problem of hair loss. Here are some of the tips to control the problem of loosing the hair and not only that these tips may help you to get a real solution and their hair will be perfect, bright, shining and thick. Most of the people who are suffering with typhoid fever face this problem. Some people go to laser clinics for taking hair care treatments. The following the tips would help you to get rid of the hair problems you have.

  • First thing is if you are undergoing the treatments for weight loss and consuming liquid diet- stop that and take proper healthy food.
  • Have good fruits and vegetables for Breakfast lunch and dinner
  • For tea – coffee go for Green teas / black coffee or tea in between.
  • Comb your hair daily. Not a vigorous brushing.
  • During nights 10-15 minutes mild brushing by using a soft brushed comb
  • For once in there days use homemade Oil prepared by me by mixing Coconut Oil + Castor Oil + Olive Oil in equal quantities
  • Fry Curry leaves and Hibiscus leaves in that oil and make use of the oil after removing the boiled leaves
  • Along with the above said information do 30 minutes of brisk walking and 20 minutes breathing exercises.
  • Practice yoga for another 30 minutes.
  • After dabbing the oil with the help of cotton (the oil has to be heated for giving a mild heat on the scalp) and wrap your head by tying towel that dipped in warm water so that the oil which has been applied in the scalp will get penetrated into the scalp and we will get the good effects of using the oil.
  • Apply good conditioners and shampoos on hair leave it for 5 minutes and was having a clean wash.
  • If you follow this process frequently, with in three months you will see the changes on your hair.

Home made remedies will be successful and with that you can make your hair re-grow, and you can have a thick, long and strong hair.

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