Wall Painting Alternatives for Renters

Most of the renters are not likes the wall colors what they have but painting walls is not always an option for renters. Because nobody wants to invest in expensive paints that you have to leave behind when you move and also some leases are restrict the wall paintings. But we have so many alternatives to add colors to your life with out painting the walls. Now I am sharing some fun alternatives to painting your walls for renters and these can be taken easy with you when your move. In my Atlanta apartments I use so many fun wall painting alternatives.

  • Large Canvas: Large canvas is best wall painting alternative so try buying a large canvas at your local craft store or simply build your own canvas street and stretch your own canvas or you can also use a series of small canvases all hung together for this project. And paint your canvas in the color you want your wall to be. Hang it in a focal pint location in your room. Above the bed, behind the couch, on an accent wall, or anywhere you eye rests. You can remove your canvas whenever it need or move but just have left is a small hole in the wall, which is nothing compared to having to pant a wall back to white.
  • Folding screen: Folding screens are a fun way to add color in a rental apartment. Most of use the folding screens in wood tones or stains instead of using these a plain wood folding screen use that wall paint color to paint the folding screen.
  • Fabric walls: Fabric walls are another good alternative option to add colors to your rental apartment because hang the fabric in long strips on the wall. Simple use tacks or push pins to create as small of holes as possible. You have another option to hang fabric wall is to cut slim strips of picture frame molding. Use a fastener gun to attach your fabric to the strip of wood and then all you need to use is two nails to hang the strip of wood.
  • Sheets of Woods: Sheets of wood is another good and cheap option for adding paint colors to a rental apartment. You can buy a sheet of MDF or plywood and paint it out in the desired paint color.

If you are following these fun alternatives you will get the good results and also add the colors to your home and your life.

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