What If You Are Given Three Wishes?

Every time you face some thing bad or inconvenient in life, it is obvious that you wish for some power to resolve it.

Wish is what enlightens any ordinary human life with a new hope. Though it is obvious that many won’t have luck to fulfill their dreams, they use virtual environments like animated games, movies or dreams to make their wish being granted.

So, all of a sudden, if you were given three wishes, what will you wish for? Let us analyze on this one.

I am quite sure that the first wish by most of them will be money or power or fame. And then the \next two wishes will depend upon the mind set of the wisher. If he is a politician, he will wish for President-ship of US or some other place. I asked my uncle who is also a politician that if he will be contended with such a small thing like being a president of a continent. He thought for some time and came up with a bright idea. He said that all the world’s continents should become one and he should be the ruler of it.

So, people be ready with your list much before it self because you will end up in repentance for wasting your wishes. Who knows? Luck may strike you in the form of three wishes.

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