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Archive for May, 2009

  • 05.6.09What If You Are Given Three Wishes?

    Every time you face some thing bad or inconvenient in life, it is obvious that you wish for some power to resolve it. Wish is what enlightens any ordinary human life with a new hope. Though it is obvious that many won’t have luck to fulfill their dreams, they use virtual environments like animated games, […]

  • 05.4.09Occasions For Which Jewelry Is Gifted

    In America, the three holidays with the eminent percentage of gift giving are Christmas (96 percent), Mother’s Day (74 percent) and Valentine’s Day (70 percent), according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). These are also the three important selling seasons for the American jewelry industry. Nearly 88 percent of total jewelry is purchased for use […]

  • 05.2.09The concept of Open Adoption

    The open adoption is a term generally employed to describe a variety of arrangements holding account of the continuous contact between the members of the triad of ‘ adoption ‘ (the adoptive family, family of birth, and adopted the child). The level of the frankness in any report/ratio changes considerably. Degrees of scale open of […]