There Is CQ and PQ Greater Than IQ

Every one of us knows about IQ. It is abbreviation of Intelligent Quotient. And I know many people who always feel depressed because of their low IQ levels. People with less IQ have problem with competing in society. Their struggle starts from school days and from then on it continues haunting them in college, then in job, and so on. There is a study which says that people with high IQ choose smart partners mostly compared to people with low levels of IQ.

But IQ is not everything. A person named Thomas Friedman says that when a person possesses high passion of learning with some good levels of curiosity but has low levels of IQ; he can take over a person with high levels of IQ.

So, dear people stop repenting on your low IQ levels and just concentrate on increasing passion of learning. Curiosity is a natural in every normal human being, but you have to increase those levels. And thus you can overcome your problem.

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