Diamonds Can Dazzle The Future Fighter Aircrafts

The world has a big craze of diamonds. Diamonds are effective, not only in terms of setting your jewelry dazzle, but also in storing your huge amounts of money in a small pouch. Some also use its feature of rigidity for breaking super-hard or sensitive materials.

U.S is set to use diamond for its fighter jet planes as windowpanes. I can’t imagine diamonds used as windowpanes. But this is not new, as we had a proposal of using diamond paint to jet engines for making them faster and more fuel-efficient.

These are not ordinary diamonds, U.S is thinking of. All the windowpanes are made of 80-carat diamond pieces. These will measure 2.5 inches across and weigh between 15 to 17.5 grams.

All these big chunks of diamonds are not set with an intention to dazzle the U.S jet planes in the battle skies (but sure they will do). It is some special qualities in diamonds, like its rigidity, thermal conductivity, wide transparency, that made U.S to think of using these materials to their jet planes. These are some great qualities, which can enhance the shielding of jet planes and its pilots to some significant levels; and are difficult to find in any other materials.

But since these diamond pieces are not available in such big extents in our crust, they will be engineered artificially from labs.

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