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Archive for March, 2009

  • 03.26.09Drug Testing Opposed By Drug Counselors

    The duties of Drug counselors include conducting special programs for preventing alcohol and drug abuse. They also try to identify behaviors and problems related to drug addiction. These counselors are opposing drug-testing law. South Carolina delegate Craig Blair has proposed a bill on randomly testing the abuse of drugs for people who are receiving welfare, […]

  • 03.24.09Diamonds Can Dazzle The Future Fighter Aircrafts

    The world has a big craze of diamonds. Diamonds are effective, not only in terms of setting your jewelry dazzle, but also in storing your huge amounts of money in a small pouch. Some also use its feature of rigidity for breaking super-hard or sensitive materials. U.S is set to use diamond for its fighter […]

  • 03.2.09Tips To Library Decoration

    Each room in your home has the equal importance but you should decorate each room a little differently because each room has different functions. If you have a library in your home you will want to decorate the room and make it functional. Because every one comes to your library and check your taste so […]