Is marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana is highly addictive as its long-term usage leads to addiction. 1 in 6 among teenagers and 25-50 percent among those who use the drug daily become addicted. In addition, this percent increases among those people who start young. Smoking of marijuana daily or almost daily leads to addiction.

Persons who want to quit after abusing marijuana for long, report problems like sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, anger, concentrating, restlessness, raise in temperature, sweating etc. Marijuana causes psychological disorders as well. They feel difficulty in controlling use of the drug and cannot stop even though they want to do so.

Many users reported that marijuana is their primary drug of abuse and it is very hard to quit it. Young people who start abusing marijuana at their early age and daily users are considered to be at the greatest risk of developing dependence on marijuana. Most people who start abusing at school level are found to get lower grades and are more likely to drop out of school. And some people who use it tend to encourage or tempt others to try the drug.

Long-term marijuana users report less satisfaction in their lives regarding relationship; there is poor physical and mental health leading to less career success. The effects can be unpredictable especially when mixed with any other drugs.