Anger In Modern Society

In the modern society, anger is looked like an immature or uncivilized response to the destruction, the threat, the violation, or the loss. Reciprocally, keeping the calm one, coolheaded, or turning the other cheek is considered more acceptable socially. This which conditions can cause inadequate expressions of anger such as accesses not controlled violent ones, of anger badly to direct or to repress all the feelings of anger when it would be an appropriate response with the situation. Moreover, the anger which constantly is “bottled up” can lead to the persistent thoughts or violent actions, the physical nightmares and even symptoms. Anger can also worsen an already current problem of mental health such as the clinical depression.

Many people believe that the depression is in fact anger turned towards the interior. It is because many depressed people react to the effort while turning their centripetal anger like answer to the physical or mental or negligent abuse the parents or others. A side effect of the victim of depression of ‘denial of S of anger is that their interpersonal reports/ratios are often unhappy and unhealthy. Another side effect of anger is that it can feed from the obsessions, the phobias, the inclinations and the tendencies maniacs. Many people who cannot express their anger will leave it outside in a certain kind of furious activity which can have like consequence the clinical depression or even the bipolar disorder. Anger can also ventilate the flames of paranoia and the damage, even in normal situations and day laborers. People tend to express their anger passively or aggressively by the answer of fight-or-flight. The liability flight answer is repression and denial of anger for safety. However, the aggressive behavior is associated with the with combat with answer and with the use of the verbal and physical power of anger to maltreat and wound others.

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