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Archive for February, 2009

  • 02.24.09Rented Home to an Own Apartment

    After staying for the long time in the rented home I had decided to purchase an apartment in Philadelphia. At the time of purchase I followed some of the basic tips, which made me feel comfortable when purchasing the apartment, and I am sure those tips may even help you. Here are some of them: […]

  • 02.2.09Anger In Modern Society

    In the modern society, anger is looked like an immature or uncivilized response to the destruction, the threat, the violation, or the loss. Reciprocally, keeping the calm one, coolheaded, or turning the other cheek is considered more acceptable socially. This which conditions can cause inadequate expressions of anger such as accesses not controlled violent ones, […]

  • 02.1.09Is marijuana Addictive?

    Marijuana is highly addictive as its long-term usage leads to addiction. 1 in 6 among teenagers and 25-50 percent among those who use the drug daily become addicted. In addition, this percent increases among those people who start young. Smoking of marijuana daily or almost daily leads to addiction. Persons who want to quit after […]