Transition Delay to Cost $22 Million for PBS

The war between Republicans and Democrats over television broadcasting transitions from analog to digital would cost the Public Broadcasters $22 million.

You already know that the Senate Republicans have barren the Democratic efforts to increase the deadline for the analog shutoff. Though they appealed that around 6.5 million U.S. households, who use analog system for their TV sets are not yet ready for the transition, their appeal was not considered in the senate. This would simply result in “No-TV” for those millions of households till they get a new system installed for their TV sets.

And finally, the senate voted to delay the transition from February 12th to June 12th. But this time it is an issue for the broadcasting stations, as they will have to face a hefty increase in power charges due to the over-the-air broadcast signals. The stations have already invested into the switchover and with the transition delays for which they might face a problem.

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