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Archive for January, 2009

  • 01.29.09Transition Delay to Cost $22 Million for PBS

    The war between Republicans and Democrats over television broadcasting transitions from analog to digital would cost the Public Broadcasters $22 million. You already know that the Senate Republicans have barren the Democratic efforts to increase the deadline for the analog shutoff. Though they appealed that around 6.5 million U.S. households, who use analog system for […]

  • 01.29.09Tips to Speak Fluently in English

    English is the universal language and the advantages of knowing English are many. It will help grow successfully in their career. English is the common language spoken around the globe. Some people may write correctly but can’t speak fluently because of hesitation that they may commit mistakes. There are some tips to speak fluently and […]

  • 01.27.09Apartment Rental Rates Decline In Las Vegas

    Southern Nevada is facing a slump in apartment rental rates along with the decrease in real estate prices. Actually, the economists say that rental rates are inversely proportional to the real estate prices; i.e., if the home prices are high, rental rates decline and if the home prices are down rental rates hike. But poor […]

  • 01.23.09Retailers Start Experiencing Their Scarier Year

    The past year, 2008, was already proved ill for the retailers. The recession hit them very hard with lower sales in the previous year. They have welcomed the year 2009 with new hope to bring them their success back. But even this year doesn’t seem to be good for retailers. People have already started their […]

  • 01.2.09Studying Aboard Is A Cool Experience

    College days are memorable and remembered by us through out our lives. Studying is in aboard universities is much more fun and sometimes more dangerous to the students. Students get various opportunities to learn new things from the new place. They go far away from their place and family to become well educated. Once they […]