International Fund for Agricultural Development

The international fund for agricultural development (IFAD), a United Nation’s specialized agency, established had taken an international finance system in 1,977 took 1,974 main results years world food congress middle. IFAD devotes the countryside which eradicates poorly in the developing nation. The world strategic frame 75% is IFAD2007-2010: Causes the countryside poorly to overcome poorly.


  • Natural resources, especially secure access to land and water, and improved natural resource management and conservation practices
  • Improved agricultural technologies and effective production services
  • A broad range of financial services
  • Transparent and competitive markets for agricultural inputs and produce
  • Opportunities for rural off-farm employment and enterprise development
  • Local and national policy and programming processes

All IFAD decision – in the place, national and the subject strategy, the poor reduced strategy, the policy dialogue and the development partner – is made with these principles and the objective in the brains. According to the reflection in the strategic frame, IFAD pledged achieves the millennium development goal, specially goal half hunger and extreme pitiful people’s proportion before 2015.

If destitution should eliminate fundamental these purposes, the field and garden poor people must take part authority in order to lead their itself developments it is the conviction of IFAD. The poor people them develop itself organization, is a reinforcement necessity and therefore they advance itself interest, most can disassemble the obstacle which prevents the fact that them themselves for the sake of a better life is drawn up. It is necessary to be able to have the speech of policy and the decision which have the necessity for they to produce effect on life, to reinforce the negotiation power of the market.

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