Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Due to technology credit card fraud and identity theft are increased in nowadays. Like withdrawing money from a cash machine is do everyday without giving it a second idea but sometime you could be giving your personal information away without even knowing it. Generally they used mini cameras that are inserted into the card slot and then record the PIN numbers of people using the cash machine. Usually there is probably a lesser risk to you using your card whilst inside a building rather than one outside, however; there is no guarantee and it is therefore very important that you check the machine that you are using for anything that may not look right and report it right away if you find anything.

Another technique used is known as shoulder surfing. Means generally those people stand very close behind you to get your PIN and then jostle with you in order to get any credit cards from you. You should also be conscious when your card is taken from you in order to scan it as there is a possibility that it may have been put into a card reader. It is always best to insert credit cards yourself into the Chip and PIN machine and then maneuver it so that no-one else can see your number. The introduction of Chip and PIN was to decrease the number of fraud cases relating to credit cards. There has been a major increase in card-not-present fraud, when transactions are made over the phone, internet or through mail order. It is therefore very important that any personal bank details are destroyed, either by a shredder or by ripping them up, this way there is a minor chance of any fraud taking place with people’s personal details.

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