Employment Development Department

The main reason to establish an Employment Development Department is to give a verity of services to millions of people under the Job Service, Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Workforce Investment, and Labor Market Information programs. The California Employment Development Department is a largest tax collection agency, and also handles the audit and collection of payroll taxes and maintains employment records for more than 17 million California workers. It is one of the largest state deportment, which provides many services to millions of Californians each year. These are some main works done by EDD.

  • It is assisting California employers in meeting their labor needs and helping the job seekers to find the employment and also administrating the federally-funded workforce investment programs for adults, dislocated workers, and youth. EDD helps the unemployed and disabled workers by administering the Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Disability Insurance (DI) programs.
  • Directorate Office arranges the direction of the Department to ensure that programs and services are consistent with the Department’s mission and goals.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Office investigates and resolves discrimination complaints filed against the Department by employees, employers, and applicants for employment and training, and provides consultant services on all aspects of equal employment opportunity.
  • Legal office provides the legal advice and support to the Director and Department management in connection with court cases, administrative hearings, contracts, legislation, and regulations.
  • Legislative Liaison Office is serves as the Department’s primary liaison with state and federal elected officials and provides information, analyses, and gives the guidance on legislative matters to the Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the Governor’s Office, other governmental entities, and outside groups.

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