The last days of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were the largest living things ever lived in the history of earth. These giant creatures ruled the earth 65 million years ago. There were 10,000 estimated species of bird dinosaurs.

Even today we have the descendants of these creatures like lizards, etc. It was in 19th century their first fossils were discovered, supporting the theory of dinosaurs. We have evidences that they explored and existed on every continent of the world, even in Antarctica. I don’t know whether they were demolished before the break-up of a big mass of land into continents or after that.

All these dinosaurs were assumed to undergo severe crisis of food in their last days. The most common assumption behind every theory is the collision of a meteor with the earth. The energy released after collision was so intense that it released high amounts of dust and sulphuric aerosols into the air blocking the sunlight of entire earth. Thus declining the photosynthesis process among plants and lowering temperature levels all around the earth.

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