When to Water a Plant?

Fairy housesEvery one likes plants and some of them like the most. I love plants and watering them is a pleasure to me. But many of us don’t know the basics of watering the plants, which is dependent on the type of the plant. Many of us believe that more watering is good for plants but it is not true. There is a particular time for watering the plants. Those who have plants should know best times of the day for watering, which avoids wastage of water and is good for the plants.

Don’t water the plants whenever you fell like. Watering early in the morning is benefited for the growth of the plant and if you water them in the evening then there is chance of growth of fungal diseases. If you find that plants are dried and lifeless, you can water them with cool water.

Watering patterns are different from one season to another; especially in windy season watering the plants should be taken care. Using sprinkler in windy season can damage the plant and you are wasting the water unnecessarily. It is sensible to water plants directly with container or mug if plants dry out too often due to wind.

So, more watering is not important for the growth of the plant. Proper and timely watering the plants helps in good growth of the plants and to have a beautiful lawn.