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Jul 3 / stcuser4

Optimization of Java Script

Java Script most popular programming language for web development has always been developer’s first choice for creating feature-rich and interactive website. But at the same time it is complicated if coding is not done with caution, will create lots of speed and performance issues for website. It is true that website loading speed is affected […]

Jun 7 / stcuser4

Tips to Improve Website User Experience

User experience is associated with easy understanding interface for any product, services or system and the system could be a website or any web application. Now has become very common for individuals or organizations to have a website and many companies are in direction of thinking user experience as proportional to number of visitors. User […]

May 30 / stcuser4

The Convenience of Working with SaaS

SaaS refers to common storage cloud services where specific software is dumped which can be accessed by number of devices over the internet. Its like creating the server to dump a software which can be used by individual or organization. It is just same as using a wireless hard disk where you dumping a file […]

Apr 6 / stcuser4

Benefits of Adding Seasonal Plants to a Garden

Gardening is not just an activity of converting a normal piece of land in to a garden having flowers and trees, but it is much more. It requires the understanding of nature of soil and better location to grow any plant. Plants require variety of soil to grow. They can grow better in a sunny […]

Mar 16 / stcuser4

Why Automating the Business Process is Beneficial?

Business process automation (BPA) means automating the existing process with new technology so that the work efficiency can be enhanced. BPA is a combination of customized applications that is used to enhance all the business processes and provide the best utilization of available labor and different resources. It can also be treated as a strategy […]